Latest Kate and William News

Latest Kate and William News

Prince William bids farewell to Malta and says he will return with Kate and George


Prince William has said goodbye to Malta and promised to return with his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, and their one-year-old son Prince George.

The Duke was on a two-day tour and had to step in last-minute for his pregnant wife, who was poorly at home with hyperemesis gravidarum. Kate was meant to represent the Queen on the trip to the island celebrating its 50 years of independence.

Speaking at a garden party held at the lavish Villa Degiorgio on Sunday afternoon, William addressed fellow guests saying that he would be returning in the future.



Prince William said it would be ‘interesting’ raising two babies under two on a visit to a youth centre

The Prince also added that he had spoken to Kate that morning and that she was feeling “a little better”.

Earlier that day, William, 32, met teenagers at the Agenzija Appogg access centre – a welfare agency for young people. Always one to join in the fun, the royal impressed with his table football skills and saved a losing team from defeat.

“He’s better than me, and he helped us win,” said local Kayleigh Cioffi, 17. “He was so, so nice. He said that he would love to spend a summer here.”


Prince William, who stepped in for Kate on the Malta tour, said his wife was feeling ‘a little better’

William also got stuck in to play station, joining three boys on a bean bag as they competed in a game of football. The Duke, a fervent supporter of Aston Villa, joked that the digital teams of Real Madrid and Milan were good, but no match for his favourite.

During the visit William praised the group of volunteers working at the centre, saying that he could do with a team like them. With another royal baby on the way, he said it would be interesting raising two children under the age of two, given George’s already “hectic” and lively demeanour.

The Prince charmed more locals of Vittoriosa as he conducted a walkabout and was greeted with cheers and outstretched hands. As he approached one group of boy scouts, he was given a loom band bracelet which he immediately tried on.


Prince William said he hoped to return to Malta with Kate and George

William and Kate have previously been seen sporting the jewellery craze after being given the colourful items on a visit to Coventry and the official tour to Australia and New Zealand respectively.

The Duke was also treated to a traditional dance show in Vittoriosa Square before embarking on his penultimate engagement of the day – a boat trip around the Grand Harbour.

Later that afternoon William took a commercial flight back to London accompanied by Sir David Manning and Kate’s private secretary Rebecca Deacon.

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Prince William Visits Malta in Place of Kate Middleton, Updates Crowd on Her …

Kate Middleton has a pretty great understudy. The pregnant-again royal, 32, had to cancel her first solo royal tour to Malta as she continues to endure severe morning sickness during her second pregnancy. Middleton’s husband Prince William stepped in to deliver his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II‘s message to the people of Malta. 

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The father of Prince George had a packed schedule on Saturday, Sept. 20, visiting the Malta’s President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca in the morning.

William, 32, poked fun at his lack of popularity in comparison to his wife, telling the president, “Unfortunately you have me,” and adding that Middleton was “so-so,” adding, “She’s very disappointed she couldn’t be here today.”

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Though his 13-month-old son stayed behind, William joked that Malta “might not survive baby George. There’s too many precious things around here.” 

President Coleiro Preca gifted baby George an eight-pointed gold Maltese cross by Maltese jewelers Sterling. 

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Greeting the crowd outside, William then went on to pay a visit to Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat, his wife Michelle, and their twin daughters Etoile and Soleil, who gave Prince William a teddy bear and ball for his young son and a designer clutch handbag from Malta’s leading handbag designer Sunita Mukhi for the ill Kate. 

Speaking to locals, William said, “I’m sorry Catherine couldn’t be here. She’s doing a little bit better, thanks. George has grown up a lot. He’s a strong boy!”

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Middleton’s hubby remained charming and friendly throughout the long day, telling a couple who had been married for 50 years, “You should give me some tips then!”

Kate Middleton Picks ‘Elizabeth’ Name for Baby Girl: Prince William to Honor …

Kate Middleton is starting to show a tiny baby bump according to some sources and popular opinion is that it’s a girl child inside that baby bump! The Palace announced on September 8th that Prince William and Kate Middleton are indeed expecting, and the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with baby number two. Since the announcement the media and Royal Family’s followers have been in a frenzy speculating how big Kate’s baby bump is, whether she is having a boy or a girl (or twins), and of course what they plan to name Prince George’s new sibling.

Although realistically Kate Middleton is barely showing a baby bump and is not quite far along enough to tell the sex of her unborn baby, everyone seems certain that this time she is having a girl, even Prince William and Princess Kate! Several sites have reported that William and Kate have their heart set on a baby girl, and are already working on a pink nursery and picking out baby names for their new daughter. Rumor has it the Royal couple were planning on naming their daughter Margaret after Queen Elizabeth’s late sister, but GLOBE Magazine reveals that is actually not the case at all.

According to the September 29th edition of GLOBE Magazine, Prince William and Kate Middleton are actually planning on naming their unborn daughter Elizabeth, after the Queen herself! GLOBE’s inside source reveals, “They’ve already told the ailing Queen they believe it’s a girl, and asked for her permission to name their baby Elizabeth. Like many of us, William and Kate fear the Queen doesn’t have long left, and want to honor her while she is still alive. She was absolutely thrilled by the news, it’s given her a new lease on life.

It’s no secret that when Queen Elizabeth does go, the United Kingdom will be left in the hands of Prince William’s father Prince Charles, which is the last thing Prince William and Kate want. The couple has been campaigning hard to convince Queen Elizabeth to leave the country in their hands, and naming their first-born daughter after the Queen will definitely score them some extra brownie points.

Do you think that Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a daughter, or another son? Should they name her Elizabeth after the Queen – will it help sway Queen Elizabeth to name Prince William King over his bumbling father? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Prince William private word with grandma Queen Elizabeth

Prince William in Malta after Kate forced to cancel visit due to morning sickness

The Duke of Cambridge marked the significant milestone by planting a tree in the gardens of San Anton Palace, the President of Malta’s home.

He is in the country for a two day whistlestop tour of 10 engagements.

Doctors told Kate, 32, to cancel her first solo overseas visit as acute morning sickness plagues the duchess for the second time.

She has been suffering hyeremesis gravidarum, which can mean sufferers vomit up to 30 times a day, for more than two weeks.

The future Queen was forced to cancel three engagements after it was announced on September 8 that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, who will become fourth in line to the throne.

Prince William reveals pregnant Kate Middleton is ”so-so” on solo visit to Malta


Prince William joked about George being a tearaway saying Malta ’might not survive baby George’ as he arrived for his official visit there today. 

The 31-year-old prince made the comment as he met Malta’s President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca at the country’s San Anton Palace. 

Stepping in for his wife Kate, who was in Kensington Palace being treated for severe morning sickness in her second pregnancy, William said she was ‘so-so’, adding: “Unfortunately you have me”.


Royal Visit: Prince William watches a re-enactment of an historical event, in Valletta, Malta


When the President said she would love to see George and the new baby in Malta one day, William laughed and said: “Malta might not survive baby George. “There’s too many precious things around here.”

He also said George is ‘very well’ and ‘being looked after very well’. When asked how his wife was he said: “She’s so-so. She’s very disappointed she couldn’t be here today.”

William said he had spoken to his grandmother the Queen about her time in Malta, where she spent two years as a naval wife when Prince Philip was stationed there between 1949 and 1951.


Greeting Fans: Prince William greets well wishers in Malta


He said: “I was asking my grandmother all about her time in Malta just a week ago. “It was very interesting to me to hear about that history.”

President Coleiro Preca told William she had just returned from a visit to the UK with her husband where she met Maltese patients being treated in British Hospitals.

She said afterwards: “All our patients have such a lot of praise for the treatment and the way they are cared for… We are going to explore ways of collaborating together on research with regards to children with cancer.”


Prince’s Engagement: Prince William chats to participants during an In Guardia Pageant in St George’s Square


She added: “Malta has always had very good relations with Britain, even though we were a colony of Britain until 50 years ago we achieved our independence.

“But there has always been very good relations and this can be seen by the amount of Maltese people who live in the UK and the amount of British people who live on our islands.  Our main tourist market is from the UK.”

The President said the 50th anniversary celebrations would be ‘a very important historic event’, adding ‘also celebrating our achievements’.


No Kate: Prince William has replaced his wife Kate who was due to visit Malta herself


She continued: “Also we respect the British Royal Family.  “We consider the British people as our friends, not simply our ex-colonisers so we consider the royal family as friends of Malta.”

She said about Kate: “She’s dong well obviously in the circumstances.  “I also told his royal highness that we look forward to welcoming all his family including baby George and including the new baby.”

President Coleiro Preca gave George an eight-pointed gold Maltese cross by Maltese jewellers Stirling. - Free Hosting for Life!
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