Latest Kate and William News

Latest Kate and William News

Kate Middleton Pregnant Miscarriage Rumors: Confirmation by Queen Elizabeth …

Kate Middleton is either pregnant, not pregnant, or has just suffered a miscarriage. Unfortunately, until the palace confirms the news one way or another, the speculation train will continue spinning around.

We’re going to go through all the reports and rumors step by step, and we can then come to a conclusion in the end, just as we’ve done in the past. First of all, the rumors first started a few months ago when Kate avoided some alcohol at an event, but that was soon dispelled after she started drinking again. But then, she gained some weight and looked bloated for a while, which increased the speculation. Plus, she reduced her public appearances after she got back from the New Zealand and Australia tour, but that could have just been sheer exhaustion.

Then, there were reports confirming Kate’s second pregnancy, first from her former BFF Jessica Hay [now the palace's Public Enemy #1], and then from Vanity Fair. The Vanity Fair report didn’t necessarily confirm Kate’s pregnancy, but it did mention that Kate and Prince William were planning to get pregnant over the summer. And now that we’re almost at the end of August, it seems certain that they would have succeeded, no?

That’s not to mention that we know Kate, Will, and Prince George are all planning to move to Anmer Hall soon. Anmer, which is located at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate, is much more private than Kensington and would provide a good cover for Kate as she prepares for her second pregnancy. Originally Queen Elizabeth was against the move away from London’s Kensington Palace, but Kate won the monarch over. In fact, Prince Williams new job with The East Anglian Air Ambulance, is based in Cambridge, much more convenient  located  near Anmer Hall. And although the palace still refuses to confirm Kate’s pregnancy, we took that as confirmation that she’s already expecting.

Then, Kate suddenly started making more public appearances over the last two weeks, and her bloat and weight gain suddenly disappeared. She started looking like herself again, which in turn sparked the miscarriage rumors. Now, this one I’m more hesitant to believe, only because I don’t think Will and Kate would have the enthusiasm to be making public appearances if Kate just suffered a miscarriage – and they are making a LOT of public appearances recently.

Plus, Kate’s going to be traveling abroad for a wedding in Italy next month, and would the royals take that risk of she really was pregnant? Kate’s first trimester is bound to be difficult, especially with her morning sickness, and I don’t think the palace would risk sending her to Italy if she was pregnant.

So in the end, I think we safely say that Kate will definitely be expecting within the next six months, but she’s not pregnant right now.

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Kate Middleton Rebels Against Queen Elizabeth and Prince William – Solo …

Kate Middleton doesn’t care what Queen Elizabeth thinks, and she’s going to do as she damn well pleases. Queen Elizabeth may be very particular about wanting the royals to live at Kensington Palace, but Kate’s keeping the best interests of Prince George in mind. Plus, she’s sick and tired of every choice being dictated by Prince William and/or the royal family. Thus, Kate moving to Anmer Hall has become a certainty, not just a rumor at this point.

Let’s not forget about Kate’s first official solo royal trip – this one to Malta, coming up in September. The Duchess of Cambridge will be arriving on September 20 for a two-day stay. This excursion marks a true coming of age for Kate Middleton and shows the respect she has earned from Queen Elizabeth. Allowing Kate to represent the British Monarchy all by herself is a historic event and also indicates that she is not pregnant. If Kate Middleton was pregnant right now there is no way, with her record of terrible difficulty in pregnancy, that she would be allowed by her royal doctors to travel

Kate refuses to be a brood mare for the royals, pumping out child after child every other year. Why do you think the royal press office has refused to comment on Kate’s pregnancy [or lack thereof]? It’s because they WANT her to get pregnant with the spare, but the poor woman’s already tired from running after one child, never mind two. Not to mention her very difficult first pregnancy which featured severe morning sickness – so badly did Kate Middleton suffer that she had to be hospitalized!

Of course, if she followed the royal way of doing things, George would spend all of his time with his nanny. But like Princess Diana, Kate’s not one to conform to age-old ‘traditions’, which usually involve abandoning your existing children in order to spawn several more. Kate will not get pregnant every time the royals tell her to, especially since she doesn’t even want another child right now. In fact, sources tell us that she’s perfectly happy with George, and doesn’t even know if she wants another kid at all. This is the 21st century – why do the royals need a ‘spare’ anyway? The monarchy is all but defunct, and it exists more as a symbol now than an actual extension of the government. Let the poor woman live her life in peace, and if she refuses to get pregnant, let her stay that way. And if Kate Middleton wants to move to Anmer Hall for privacy, then let her have it.

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Kate Middleton Suffocated in Kensington Palace, Queen Elizabeth Reported …

Currently taking their month-long vacation in Anmer Hall, Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking some time off from their royal duties to have some quality time with Prince George. But even without their public appearances the royal couple is still the subject of many rumours, particularly Kate’s alleged second pregnancy and their plans to move out of Kensington Palace.

Many tabloids are claiming that there is an ongoing feud between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton as she has had some issues about the Queen trying to control her. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly moving to their newly renovated Kensington Palace apartment to their 10-bedroom country home after William volunteered his service as an air ambulance helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and will start his training this fall.

“I want a normal life,’ she [Kate Middleton] says, rejecting the Queen’s attempt to control her,” according to Life and Style magazine’s Aug. 25 issue with a headline cover: “Kate Packs Up And Leaves.” “The Queen is furious. It’s a huge slap in the face. Kate, and now William, are sending the message that they refuse to be forced by the Queen to do anything.”

The pilot prince will work as an air ambulance pilot for two years. Based on reports, he is committed to keeping his job for as long as he can. Away from prying eyes of the public, the new job will give the 32-year-old royal a new sense of purpose and based on reports he needs to complete the five-month training period to attain a helicopter commander rank.

Feeling trapped in Kensington Palace, the Duchess reportedly loves the life in the country surrounded by friends in Norfolk. The tabloid also revealed that Prince George “won’t have a shortage of playmates, unlike in London” since he play with kids his age in his new 10 bedroom home.

While on vacation, the Cambridges will spend some time visiting Prince Charles and wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles in their Highland home, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Scotland. Extremely hands-on for the Anmer Hall renovation, Kate and William’s new country home is equipped with swimming pool and tennis court for the couple to unwind, and Prince George to practice his swimming skills

Kate Middleton Wins The ‘War’ With Queen Elizabeth: Moves Prince William and …

Gone are the days when Queen Elizabeth is able to control every member of the royal family and boy is she pissed off about it! While we have had our attention on the in-fighting between Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton it seems that more important battles have been brewing for the last year. While Kate and Elizabeth seem to get along well there is one major issue of conflict between them- Prince William.

According to the Aug. 25th print edition of Life Style Magazine Queen Elizabeth is used to everyone doing as she demands and having Kate Middelton and William living at Kensington Palace made it fairly easy to try and bully the couple into carrying out her desires. Kate has apparently fought long and hard with the Queen over allowing William to be his own man, one that is smart enough to make the best decisions for himself based on logic rather than dated protocol.

And it seems that Prince William’s decision to side with Kate in the matter of relocation is partially based upon his new part-time job as air ambulance helicopter pilot. The East Anglian Air Ambulance, based out of Cambridge, requires 5 months of training for the prince and is much closer to Anmer Hall than to London.

Kate and William have absolutely hated their time in London and being under the royal thumb hasn’t helped their marriage or daily lives so they have decided to leave. The couple intends to move in to their countryside estate at Anmer Hall in Norfolk this fall and they couldn’t be happier. They have many friends in the area and are looking forward to spending time with them and entertaining lots of children for Prince George to play with. Kate and William view it as a much-needed fresh start- one that the queen fully resents.

Elizabeth is beyond furious that Kate spent so much on renovating the lavish digs at apartment 1A in Kensington Palace just to abandon them a year later. She has reminded the duchess how unhappy taxpayers were with learning the price tag on her mandatory renovations but Kate could care less. She sees this move as necessary in order to keep her young family happy and on track. Do you blame Kate for fleeing to the countryside? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kate and William Move with Prince George to Countryside Mansion

When you’re the queen of England, what’s an appropriate present to give your grandson and heir to your throne for his 30th birthday? A countryside mansion might do the job. That’s what Queen Elizabeth II decided when she gifted Amner Hall in Norfolk to Prince William in 2012.

Now William is moving with his family to the countryside residence, where he and Kate Middleton will raise their son, Prince George, for perhaps the next two years.

It’s where William and his brother, Prince Harry, spent a lot of time as children, so naturally William would like George to experience country life as he once did.

A general view of Anmer Hall. (Getty Images)

But it won’t all involve kicking back and enjoying life away from London—William will take a job as a helicopter pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance in spring 2015, and will be donating his salary to charity. His choice of career has drawn criticism from some in the British media, who feel that William should be concentrating on his royal duties.

Ken Wharfe writes in The Guardian, “William’s new job is the latest PR stunt from the royal advisers, coupled with the prince’s own quest to be seen to be ‘normal.’ But to take the controls of an air ambulance hovering above a busy street and then land to evacuate your patient to hospital is, I suggest, a task far from normal. This type of incident, uncommon in daily life, attracts crowds, and upon learning that Chopper Wales is at the controls, the risk of onlookers in search of the perfect selfie could seriously jeopardize a safe takeoff.”

William is second in line to the throne, after his father, Prince Charles, so it’s perhaps not an unrealistic expectation that he should forgo a career that distracts from duties he will have to perform when he is king. Yet, perhaps due to the 1997 paparazzi-related death of his mother, Princess Diana, William often avoids being in the public spotlight.

The memory of George’s grandmother is never far away. William, Kate, and George also call Kensington Palace home; Kensington is where Diana lived from the time she married Charles in 1981 until she died. Only last week, Kate was spotted on a playdate with George at the Princess Diana memorial playground in Kensington Gardens. - Free Hosting for Life!
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