Prince Philip Wants Kate Middleton and Prince William to Inherit Throne [PHOTOS]

Even members of the royal family can’t help but play favorites. Queen Elizabeth’s husband is said to be on Kate Middleton’s side and wants the younger couple to run England one day.

According to reports, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is not too happy with Charles and Camilla being the next-in-line couple to run the kingdom that his wife will leave soon. Though rules of the monarchy state that Prince Charles will indeed inherit the throne, Prince Philip wants to make sure that the Duchess of Cambridge will not be out of the Royal shuffle any time soon.

“The elder royal thinks it should be William and Kate that step into the highest roles of the royal family. Rumor has it that the Queen didn’t want to bypass Charles because she feared if she did Camilla would “destroy the monarchy with scandal and outrage if she was passed over.”" reports

It is reported that another reason why Prince Philip does not favor Camilla is her constant “taunting” and bickering on poor Kate Middleton. It is said that the Duchess of Cornwall might be a little jealous with the fame and acceptance the world has shown the beautiful princess compared to the mum embrace she got after marrying Charles.

“Rumor has it that Camilla make’s Kate’s life a bit harder than it needs to be by shooting snide remarks her way every chance she gets.” wrote Examiner in the same report.

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